Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Annual Post ! :D

Huh! Finally I got some time to open! Actually, I had time, a lot of time infact but didn't really think of this. Anyways, LOL @ my last post Date! More than 1 year!
Have gone through a lot this time, that too in a positive way !! :D .

1. Finally I have started liking My college a little bit! and with a hope that only 1 year is left, instead thinking that I have already spent 3 years here, I'm still alive!

2. Ample of Archery trips : Senior National(Hyderabad)- Nice result- Got qualified For National Games, All India Inter University Championship- Rank 4, Malaysia+Singapore-Random ranks- more of a shopping trip :P , and the Best of all : Thailand. It has the best result ever. When I started Archery, i.e. 5 years back, one of the world champions : Adam Gallant was one I followed. I even had his pic as my Laptop wallpaper for months. In Thailand, it was a Quarter Final match: Sanchit Guliani vs Adam Gallant :O. Guess what!! I defeated Him (7-2) and was one of the happiest moment of my life! :P though didnt last for long as I Lost in Semi Final, but I had a satisfaction that I defeated my Role Model :DDDD woooohooooo!!!

3. I got my best ever Computer Engineering semester Result :) :)

4. Lots and Lots of Night stays, Night Outs, Partying, Football with friends.

5. Finally, My new Look :D I got a beard now! every1 including me are liking it!

P.s. Overall a good year. Gotta concentrate on studies now, preparing for GMAT, and lose some weight !!!!! Lets see if I succeed or not !!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Am I back??

I'll show you where i was busy!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer 2009 !!

Okay! i am back
I'll share some of the events that took place this summer with me ....

1.Our Honda City car got stolen while we were in Dehradun :( :( :( ...

2.My dog Danny whom i loved the most died due to nose blockage and that was the day which changed my life to some extent. I was really depressed during those days and i miss him a lot. He was 10 yrs old.... LOVE U DANNY....

3.Finally... i turned 18 and i am an official adult now ;) ... I got my learners driving license and the most important thing....ya .... my birthday gift which mom gave me... a Bajaj Avenger Bike..... It was really surprising and i was/am extremely happy and thankful to mom.... she just rocks!!!!

4.Another wonderful gift we got from our mom.... beautiful puppies... and this time they were two of them.... named DANNY and FREIDA .. I just love them and they really are special to you mom...

5.I went to Kolkata for my archery training camp for about 20 days under an australian coach for the commonwealth games 2010.... the trip was overall a good experience but what pissed me off was the weather in kolkata....extremely hot and humid....

6.Trip to Jaipur and Ranthambore National Park with was a joyful trip and i liked it as it was just four of us after a long long time....

Thats all for now.....i am rushing to play texas hold'em poker on facebook....that really addictive ... but good ;) ;)....

P.S.: I am seriously back.....and it feels good.... ;) ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I really apologise to my blog readers that i have not posted anything new from a long time.Its just that I was very busy attending college and my sports tournaments these days.
I'll be back soon....!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


"""Welcome back Sanchit""" Sat on the computer chair after a long time... Anyways, here goes my First Tag:

Q:Would you like to be 16 again?
A:Heh! I am just 17, no big deal to be 16 again.

Q:The one film you can see again and again?
A:Well, there are many.. Rock On!,Jaane Tu..., Chakde India!,Namastey London, Taare Zameen Par etc.

Q:You get put of people when they..
A:..When they smoke.

Q:What attracts you in a woman?
A:Intelligence, Looks, Sense of humour.... etc...

Q:When you get angry, you....
A:Either I get aggressive or I introspect.

Q:If you woke up and found you'd turned into a woman,you would...
A:I don't know that how would I react but there are some advantages as my chances to be selected in some competitive exam would increase ;) ,and I will not get bored if my mom takes me to some beauty parlour as i would also be a part of it....
Anyways.. I am extremely happy the way I am.

Q:If you could remove one person from this earth, it would be..?
A:Each and every terrorist.

Q:If your partner cheated on you , you'd...
A:I would do nothing... just move on with a new lesson..

Q:Your favourite outfit?
A:Jeans and a T-shirt..

Q:What car do you drive and what would you love to drive?
A:I am just 17 right now.. illegally I drive Santro but I would love to drive Honda CR-V.

Q:If you could change one thing about yourself , it would be..?
A:My casual attitude towards everything and my obesity..

Q:The best thing ever happened to you?
A:My Family.

Q:Who sets your pulse racing?
A:Lara Dutta.

Q:The restaurant you love going to?
A:Bukhara,Pizza Hut , KFC.

Q:Your next move..?
A:To study for my mid-term exams..


I further tag Sneezy,Nidhi,Priya,Arvind.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

College : Day 1

I was really excited and worried about my first day at Amity University but it was DAMN BORING!!!... raat ko sochte sochte soya tha ki kaisi ragging hogi and all other stuff which you must be knowing......
Anyways, firstly we were made to sit in a class full of comuter science students and I was not happy as I could not find any of my schoolmates...after that , we proceeded to the auditorium where I faced 12 horrible speeches. :(.. but never mind... baaki colleges mein bhi aisaa hota hoga....
Then came the SENIORS , SUPER SENIORS and the SUPER DUPER SENIORS .... sach bolun to beginning mein "lag gayi thi" but they were cool. And yes,, how can I forget , we , the freshers are not allowed to wear casuals till the freshers party and also , if we have to ask any senior's name , the question goes like this : " MAY I HAVE SINGLE PLEASURE DOUBLE HONOR TRIPLE SATISFACTION OF KNOWING YOUR GOOD , GREAT,GRAND,GRACIOUS,GLORIOUS NAME PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE SIR/MA'AM ?"

Phew!!.. mere 'butts' blue ho chuke hain and I cannot bear sitting even for 1 minute on my computer chair... so bye and sorry agar koi bore hua ho!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A trip i will never forget .... :-)

Hmm from where to start......????*still thinking*
Ohk, in between my "admission chakkar", my mom told me that i should go to Dehradun[alone!!] to wish my brother on his birthday......and i agreed happily![ofcourse i would have not denied.]

For the first time , I travelled alone in a train and the experience was amazing [even though i didn't get proper bedding in the train] .It was fun to see the uncle's expressions who was sleeping under my bed in the 2nd sleeper class.He was scared of my 1 quintal body!!!.... I was feeling like a king as everyone was calling me and asking that I am ok or not[*thanks everyone*].The arrival time at Dehradun was 5:40 a.m. but the train reached at 6:30. [*what more is expected from indian railays*].My brother[*the birthday boy*] was waiting for me at the station....and finally i wished him.....gifted him a watch.....gave him a card....hugged him...and gave him a kiss on behalf of my mom...
[*sorry bhaiya if you are thinking ki main bahut hi detail mein jaa raha hun*]

OKAY i am not writing a [standard 8th] diary enrty.....just let me pick out some nice instances from my 2 day vacation.....

-->> My brother urf sameer's classmates gave him an amazing surprise party[*ghar waali*] i.e. [*@bhaiya:: i am using these names after taking prior permissions ;) *] Aparna,Apoorva,Shayana,Shimona,Sonica,Radhika didis [*phew!*] got food and cards and balloons and flowers and cake and gifts and made lots and lots of noises ;) for sameer.After a while, all the guys came and filnally the cake was being cut ......
All my brother's friends just smashed the cake on his face,then put fanta,colgate,ketchup,shaving foam,hand wash,shampoo,tomato puree,eggs,harpic and many more *yukky!* things!!! I WAS TOTALLY STUNNED!!!

-->> LOVESTORY 2050 [Balcony seat ;)]: The sickest movie I have ever seen!
and i dont want to say anything further about this movie...Its Just Sick.

-->> HAHAHIHIHUHUHAHAA!! : During the nightstay with all my brother's male friends,[**dont take it that way**], at around 3:30 a.m. , i was playing cards with shashank bhaiya and amit bhaiya and everyone else was sleeping.Suddenly,Somya bhaiya gets up,goes to drink water,saw the water bottle and started drinking.But suddenly he realises that the thing he was drinking was NOT WATER!!! it was OIL!! .... I was again like oh! shit! We all laughed like mad people for about 1/2 hour! It was the funniest moment of my life!

-->> JAANE TU YA JAANE NA :: Firstly , I was excited about not sitting in the balcony, that also 2nd row from the screen, and those unmovable seats were amazing...
I lmao!! after listening to those interesting comments from different people.
Now, about the movie:: it was simply the best.

-->> RETURN TRIP [*Shatabdi Express*]: After spotting Archana Pooran Singh at the Dehradun railway station, I finally boarded the train and was curious to know that who will be sitting on the seat next to me.......It was a 22-23 yrs old guy,very talkative,and the most interesting part, he worked for HCL!!!

P.S. : Mere new post ka mahurat nikla jaa raha tha to maine shubh ghadi mein hi post kar diya!! :P

P.P.S. : Agar koi bore hua ho to maaf karna!