Thursday, September 11, 2008


"""Welcome back Sanchit""" Sat on the computer chair after a long time... Anyways, here goes my First Tag:

Q:Would you like to be 16 again?
A:Heh! I am just 17, no big deal to be 16 again.

Q:The one film you can see again and again?
A:Well, there are many.. Rock On!,Jaane Tu..., Chakde India!,Namastey London, Taare Zameen Par etc.

Q:You get put of people when they..
A:..When they smoke.

Q:What attracts you in a woman?
A:Intelligence, Looks, Sense of humour.... etc...

Q:When you get angry, you....
A:Either I get aggressive or I introspect.

Q:If you woke up and found you'd turned into a woman,you would...
A:I don't know that how would I react but there are some advantages as my chances to be selected in some competitive exam would increase ;) ,and I will not get bored if my mom takes me to some beauty parlour as i would also be a part of it....
Anyways.. I am extremely happy the way I am.

Q:If you could remove one person from this earth, it would be..?
A:Each and every terrorist.

Q:If your partner cheated on you , you'd...
A:I would do nothing... just move on with a new lesson..

Q:Your favourite outfit?
A:Jeans and a T-shirt..

Q:What car do you drive and what would you love to drive?
A:I am just 17 right now.. illegally I drive Santro but I would love to drive Honda CR-V.

Q:If you could change one thing about yourself , it would be..?
A:My casual attitude towards everything and my obesity..

Q:The best thing ever happened to you?
A:My Family.

Q:Who sets your pulse racing?
A:Lara Dutta.

Q:The restaurant you love going to?
A:Bukhara,Pizza Hut , KFC.

Q:Your next move..?
A:To study for my mid-term exams..


I further tag Sneezy,Nidhi,Priya,Arvind.


priya said...

You won't mind seeing Namastey London again and again ?! Bravo !!

I would give my parents the shock of their lives if they ever saw my blog =P

Thanks for tagging me !! =)

sanchit guliani said...

@priya:Yaar !...its a nice film...
anyways,your parents dont know that u own a blog.. ! bravo ! ;) lol!!

Anonymous said...

dude not another tag .. I jsut got sick of tags ..last 2 weeks i have read tags nearly 100 times :(

anyways i will do ur tag after somedays ..:P

LOl. chose nice guy to remove...
terrorists .need of the hour :D

sanchit guliani said...

@arvind:hmm..hmm. no problem..!

The Keeper of the Keys said...

Hello!! You should have told me I was tagged, but I've done this tag before I think. Maybe I'll do it again. And I wouldn't watch any of those movies again except Jaane tu...
Where are you these days?