Thursday, May 1, 2008


The day I will remember the most in my life ........

whole day i was in tension about the passes for IPL Delhi Daredevils vs Bangalore RoyalChallengers..... i totally did not enjoy the movie we saw on 30th as my birthday treat just because i couldnt arrange the passes.... BUT finally we got just 2 passes and initially i was planning to send prabhas(popularly know as sneezy) and karan to the match because i was feeling bad that everyone relied on my arrangements which were all destroyed..!!


we 3 (me,prabhas,karan) entered the stadium with just 2 passes!! can u believe it!

thanx to karan's height and his attitude of not answering the security men!

i had REAL fun yesterday man!!
we all rocked! and fortunately ...,... the daredevils WON! :)

it was fun to see akshay kumar and katrina kaif!



Sneezy Melon said...

mast yaar! bahut mazaa aaya! ultimate fun!

Poison said...

you actually got in with 2 tickets?
i thought it was a joke.....

Sneezy Melon said...


Anonymous said...

What kind of gay security people were they? Would they let a terrorist thru just because he was big and stubborn? Damn, India.

Anonymous said...

uh, that was me by the way, Parth.

sanchit guliani said...

parth krishna??

Sneezy Melon said...

@Parth. Dude, you got it all wrong. It was not because Karan is so "big and stubborn". Karan is kinda too short. So he swam through the crowd.

Anonymous said...

dude it waz a crazy day...............had a lot f fun thou......if v wernt hav enterd i wud hav killd sanchit......i
it waz gr8 fun!!!!!
karan-the guy hu did it all

Anonymous said...

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